Kayak Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Kayak fishing is probably the most extreme form of deep sea sportfishing around, especially in Cabo San Lucas, where there are more billfish than anywhere else on Earth. Once we run out to the fish, we launch the kayaks, which can be pedaled exclusively with your feet (keeping the hands free for the rod). To get the full experience of Kayak fishing, read this article, about a trip trip aboard the Knot So Slippery Lizzard (then named the Marlin Master I). The writer does not recommend kayak fishing, as it is EXTREMELY dangerous.

In order to rent our kayaks, you will have to undergo a short, but comprehensive safety briefing in our office, so be sure to factor an additional 30 minutes in before your start time. Kayaks rent at 150 USD each per day, in addition to the boat price. We provide all safety equipment, as well as a long and detailed waiver, which you must read and sign, before we will release the kayaks to you.

Conservation of Billfish

Winner7 Sport Fishing supports the conservation of billfish (marlin, sailfish and swordfish). Catch and release, if possible. Keep Cabo San Lucas full of game fish. We also strictly enforce the release of all species found on the "Threatened" and "Endangered" lists, as posted by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) on the Red List.

Warning: Kayak Fishing is Dangerous!

WARNING:Kayak fishing is very dangerous, and as a result, Winner7 Sport Fishing does not offer the service.