Winner 7 Sportfishing, S. A. de C. V.
Catch And Release Policy

Winner 7 Sportfishing, S. A. de C. V. supports the conservation of billfish (marlin, sailfish and swordfish).

As official members of The Billfish Foundation we fish under a strict Tag & Release policy. As a result, you as the angler will qualify for a much deserved Billfish Foundation Release Certificate upon the release of your big catch.

All billfish that are caught aboard our charter vessels are released after the catch (provided the fish has sustained no injury during the fight). Most of the time, the fish will be brought on board for photos before it is released, but if it is determined by the deckhand or the captain that a fish has endured too much stress, or that the line is situated in a dangerous configuration around the tail or any other part of the fish, the billfish will be tagged alongside the boat, to avoid bringing it on board. We will attempt to make an accurate estimate of the weight of the fish, based upon the length and width of the fish. A "Tag" counts as a catch, and you will still be legible for a trophy. The fish is then fully revived before it is released.

Winner7 Sportfishing is very particular about the safety of the angler, the crew, and of course the fish that has provided such a noble fight. On board all of the vessels not only do we release all billfish, but we also strictly enforce the release of all species found on the "Threatened" and "Endangered" lists, as posted by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) on the Red List. Any fish released today, is a future catch and a larger fish!

The Use of Circle Hooks to Save Marlin

circle hooks allow more marlin ot survive

When we cast bait to a Marlin, we always use a live bait rigged with a a circle hook. Circle hooks are superior to J-hooks when catching Marlin, as they will almost always "hook" into the corner of the fishes mouth rather than going into the throat, where a hook can catch on entrails or the gills of the fish. If that happens, the fish will almost always die. Circle hooks minimizing damage to the fish making a healthy release possible. Most anglers don't know this, but these hooks actually provide a higher hook up rate as well, over J-hooks.

Humane Treatment

Please note that sometimes during a catch, a fish is damaged beyond repair, or simply too tired from the fight to recover. If there is any chance of a fish surviving, the crew will revive and release. If not, they will kill the fish in a humane manner and bring it back to shore to be consumed. This is rare, but it can happen.